Medical Translation Services

Medical translation services

Translating documents for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors requires a great deal of expertise and precision. You should use the services of a professional translator, who has a mastery and knowledge of the medical field and all its specificities and subtleties. At ViaVerbia, an experienced medical translation agency, we offer healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical translation services in many languages.


Medical translation experts at ViaVerbia

Translators of medical or pharmaceutical documents must be precise and have a thorough knowledge of the field to correctly translate things such as medical records or prescriptions. Our medical translation service therefore guarantees you multilingual translators, proofreaders, and editors who are experts in their field.

These professionals not only have a perfect command of the subject, but also understand the specific nuances relating to pharmaceutical products, pathologies, medical specificities, and the standards and regulations in force in each country.

If the subject matter is beyond their personal competence or if additional information is required, our professional translators work in collaboration with medical experts. Thanks to their know-how, their knowledge, and their precise and sharp linguistic skills, they guarantee you a high-quality translation that meets your expectations.


Medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and technical translations

Our teams of medical translators are native speakers of the target language and will respond to your medical translation requests in a professional and conscientious way. They can handle the translation of all of your medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and technical documents, such as the translation of medical devices.


Translation of your documents into over 100 languages

With over 40 years of experience in medical translation, our translation agency is one of the leading international language service providers. In addition to its numerous agencies, the company works with over 3,500 professional and native translators worldwide. We work in more than a hundred different languages, from the most common to the rarest: English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese...

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At our translation agency, we offer professional medical translation services in over 100 languages. Our specialist translators work exclusively in their mother tongue and are based in the country where the target language is used. They have up-to-date vocabulary and terminology knowledge, together with extensive knowledge of the latest trends and cultural habits.

We also offer certified medical translations and medical interpretation services.


FAQ about our medical translation services

Medical translations are highly specialised. They therefore require a high level of expertise and a perfect knowledge of the terminology specific to the sector to avoid any language errors.

The price of a translation varies according to the type of content and the length of the translation. To find out how much a translation will cost, you can request a free online quote and you will receive a reply within a few hours.

Simply use our online form or send us an email. Our medical translation agency will contact you as soon as possible with a quote.



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